Thursday, July 25, 2013

IF Robot

Okay almost did not make it. My internet connection was fighting with me today. Here is what I call
Nanny Bot. Couldn't we all use one around bedtime some nights for the really exhausted moms and dads out there.. :) Okay especially when the kids get to heavy to lift and put into bed. And not want them on the couch all night.

I never did a robot. I always wanted to but felt intimidated for some reason. Not sure. So I went into my memory bank and channeled the Jetsons. Love Love them. And so Retro it made me feel much better about taking on this challenge. It actually made me smile. I asked myself this question "Why don't you just try to make it look as friendly as possible?". I believe I did it.

I will have another comic up soon on Buttons and Stinky. So check back when you can.  I actually have 2 still waiting for color. I was just able to get this IF in because I have a small break my new freelance book job.

Hope you like it. And I will check out to see what you have done with the word. Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. LOVE!!!! Love the soft colors, love the sweet characters, and love the somewhat complex positions you have them posed in that look so natural!
    Now I wanna hear about this freelance book job! Congrats!!!

    1. Thank u! Got a freelance children's book job. A potential series. They are just working with an editor to get it tightened up. So I am on a small break. But, its been good to get back to work- I already worked up a story board and character sketches and feel really good about it. I have been on a wait thou for about 2 weeks now! Waiting for rewrites and editing. I hope to get back to it soon. I put in alot of work in. When I can say more about it I will tell ya. That is pretty much it in a nut shell! :)
      Any projects you workin on?

  2. Hooray for retro robots! Those two little folk on their orange cushions - beautifully done. Wonderful design all around. :)


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