Wednesday, January 16, 2013

IF Ocean

Here is the final. :)

Okay so it all started with this sketch below. Where is was my inspiration. Well my girls had off for winter break recently.  After my husband beat the dreaded flu bug we went on a few mini trips since our vacation time was limited. But we managed to make the most of every day we could before it was time for them to return to school. 
We went to The Museum of Discovery and Science. We all fell in love with the otters they had there. They were so playful and sweet. 
It was a great place and we all had a great time exploring. Another favorite was the rock/mineral  collection.
After that a few our next trip was to Miami Seaquarium. Luckily it was not a hot day and it turned out really nice. Even after experiencing the long line to get in. 

Anyway, after all this exposure to fish and those playful otters. Who will eventually show up in a illustration in the future. I saw this word of the week as a sign. To do IF again since I have been a bit absent lately. 
Thinking if I should make this into a postcard. Any thoughts?

Here is my sketch......


  1. LOVE this one!!! What an imaginative image!! There are lots of sea creatures I'd like to ride on, but I'd never considered one of those! Love the movement of the jelly fish, and the floating tresses on the little girl! As always, the colors are vibrant, and expertly blended! Would make a great promo card! LOVE!!!! Welcome back to IF!!

    1. Thanks so much! Have to get back into the game. Thought of giving up illustrating so many times. Thanks for all your compliments. :) I can not wait to ck out what you ar up to.

  2. Wonderful vibrant color! I think it would make a really neat postcard. I love their flippers. And that funny, curious fish!

    1. Thanks Cindy! :D I will have to keep this image in mind then for my next postcard. Always great to hear from you. :0)


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