Monday, August 13, 2012

IF Freeze

IF Freeze.
Hi everyone- Been away on vacation for a while and trying to come back to myself. Working on my website and really trying to get it done so that I can show how much I have grown.

Here in this illustration I used inks and had fun with just taking the shapes and making it into something. Thought of posting it for freeze because the water did freeze and you could still see all the funny looking fish thru it.  :)

Looking forward to seeing what others come up with. Looking for new projects! If anyone has any leads please let me know!!!  :)


  1. It took me a moment to see the fish. Cool effect! Definitely looks icy and the color is really neat. If you want some inspiration, I'm finding loads of it, and doing lots of fun work, trading ATCs at and

    1. Thanks so much Cindy- viewed your gallery! Wow some awesome stuff! I just can not wrap my head around such small dimensions! But you hv mastered it! Great work!
      Thanks again! :D

  2. I love how this was so abstract when I saw it on IF and then the fish were revealed. Very nice!

  3. Really nice, love the textures and colors!


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