Tuesday, May 15, 2012

But, I had a boo boo Mom

I was a kids party this weekend and a mom was telling me a story of how her boy had a tiny little boo boo. The next thing was that she found him in the bathroom with bandaids all over him and the boo boo was just a spec. Sorry my art friends I did not get a chance to visit you last week and you were so nice to leave me such wonderful comments. I hope to see all that you have done soon and catch up!!! Not doing IF this week due to my brain malfunctioning on the word. That is a true mom thing. Just in time for Mother's day I suppose. :D Hope everyone who is a mom had a great one! Catch up with ya soon!

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  1. Super cute! My son does the same. The biggest band-aids he can find for any teeny scratch.
    I love all the little details, the rug, her necklace, wall texture...all very cool and thoughtful.

    I hope you had a fantastic Mother's day!


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