Thursday, April 12, 2012

IF Vocal

Late in the day when the sky was starting to show stars I heard a loud frightening sound. A crash and a RAWP! and then again. I took my flash light out and crept over to the sliding doors and peered out them very cautiously. I searched for the noise that was so loud.... what could it possibly be. Nestled in a large potted plant was a huge green slimy frog who seemed content and very Vocal in announcing his presence. It did not seem as frightened as I. Did not budge a bit when my flash light shined in his eyes. I guess he found a new home. This week I decide to have a bit of fun with my inks and seeing what I could possibly come up with for the word. In Florida we have huge frogs who stand guard in your driveway at night.Like they own your house! My dog would love to just play with them but that would be dangerous for her and the frog I think. They also like to find small spaces under your potted plants to hide and surprise you by leaping out to say hello. Hope all that have a look at this post have a great weekend and hopefully you liked my take on the word.


  1. Love this. What new inks are you using?

  2. Great frog!
    I can imagine reaching out and feeling his slimy nose.
    I may have it wrong but I think I heard something about frogs in your plants being lucky? Hmmm...I'll have to look that up.
    Really awesome new blog header too!

  3. Thanks Kim and Angel! Kim I started playing around with Bombay inks. They have a acrylic quality the more you apply. I am not used to it. But I like getting some textures with it.
    Angel well I hope so! But, I am afraid of some of the big ones they are supposed to be poison if your dog gets a hold of it. And the size of them would really make anyone jump! and thanks for the compliment on the header! mucho appreciated! :D

  4. I can say a great adventure for you and the frog:)Love the story and the illustration:)Great colors:)

  5. Great little story, sounds like you could make a book about the frogs and their antics. He does look quite content sitting in that pot.

    I've had similar surprises with a bird getting down in my dryer vent.

  6. Thanks theartofpuro! :) and Debra so glad you liked it. My goodness Debra poor bird I hope all turned out okay!
    Have a great weekend all! Thanks for you great comments!

  7. Such beautiful, vibrant colors! He looks like a plump little guy! Especially love how you rendered his eyes!!


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