Thursday, April 26, 2012

IF Heights

Reaching new heights. My daughters 7th birthday is on Saturday and I was feeling a bit sad. She has grown up so fast. I am so happy for her that she will be celebrating it big this year and it is well deserved and about time! She has become so smart and still so very beautiful even with her wiggly front tooth! :) I am very proud. So this is a picture of how we all got measured when we were kids and how it is still happening today. At least in our house. :) Happy and Great weekend everyone!


  1. Ann, this is so sweet!
    What a fantastic take on the theme.
    Another beautiful illustration.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter! I hope you enjoy a day of love, laughs and cake together.

  2. What a beautiful little scene, so nicely drawn. It is quite sweet and heartwarming.

  3. Love this sweet, nostalgic family scene! Happy birthday to your daughter!

  4. Thanks everyone! went a bit back in memory banks for this one. Seeing all those bright colors lately made me want to try.


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