Monday, July 11, 2011

Sketch Layout #2 Bear Family Summer for promotional piece

Okay I have placed them together and need to add a few things to the sketch to make it complete before I send it out for a critique.  If anyone has some suggestions on things I could add or any comments please do!   This is to accompany the bears in the boat which is a illustrated piece I posted previously. 
I will be doing a spring one next.....But, I would like to have this done first! :D deadline approaching got to get to sketching!!  Let me know what you think... :D 
Oh, and something is going on with my blog followers listing. It is showing up blank. I am hoping it will pop up again soon to show all my fabulous friend followers! 


  1. they look like happy summertime bears! I like the lady bear in the background! yipppeee -
    ps- i have the same thing happening with my follow list

  2. Great energy in this piece. I love the joy and expressiveness.

  3. Awesome work girlie!!! I love everything about this but most of all the water movement.


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