Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Character Development/ Simon and Schuster Art critique


Hi everyone I had a art critique with the art director on Simon and Schuster recently thru a conference with SCBWI in Orlando. The experience was great and It was really nice to meet with illustrators like myself. It was a really good learning experience.
I was so nervous and if I thought about it any more I would have fainted! But, the art director liked my work!!! and loved my Bears in the illustration above in this particular illustration. We spoke about really seeing them in different seasons for example. So right now I have just sketched out and developing the young character in a position that you can see him more clearly.  Then work on the others.  I think I am going to use them in two different seasons and put them on a promotional postcard. Right now you can see that I am thinking summer. If you have any ideas or comments they are always welcome!
Other than that in a nutshell she said your work is good... so go out there and get a rep or just go get em what are you waiting for! Well, I am going to start looking for representation now and narrow down and see if I have any takers! I have prepared my mailing list and will popping those postcards in the mail as well!  Hopefully I will have good news to share soon! :D

I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July and is having a great summer so far!


  1. that's great news! best of luck to you on your endeavors! i love your bears, too! so happy and jolly in that first illustration

  2. Hi Ann! Nice to meet *here* and thanks so much for finding and commenting on my blog post. I love your blog and the work above but most especially your willingness to share. What a great experience. I love hearing about the hard work put in by other illustrators.

  3. Hi Ann we met during SCBWI and attended the Illustrators intensive. Just now getting around to my postcards.

    Awesome work. I love this one. The colors are beautiful and the picture makes me smile.

    Check me out at www.sketcharella.com I've started participating in IF after your mentioning it to me at the conference. Great advice!! Thanks so much. Still trying to find my signature style. Wish me luck. ;)


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