Saturday, June 11, 2011

IF SWEPT / Scholastic Poster Contest

 Did a doodle for this weeks IF to try to get back into it...   As the flower was swept into the air from the strong gust of wind a happy little fairy hopped on for a ride. :D

Also, please take the time to vote for me for the Scholastic Poster Contest. Above the sign is what it looks like!  It is now up to the public to vote. You may vote multiple times! I have been selected as one of the top 10 finalists. Also, tell your friends to vote too! :D The voting is up on Monday!  I am attaching the link so that you can go right to it. :D Many thanks to those who vote. Please let me know if you did! I would love to know!!!



  1. Oh my, how amazingly sweet! :)

  2. She is SO lovely, Ann! One of your best illustrations to date, I think! Thank you for your super visit to my blog means a lot! And congratulations on the Scholastic Poster Contest...your piece turned out wonderfully - looks like there's a world to discover in books and your children are so sweet! Well done!

  3. Aah, your little fairy is adorable! She's breeze surfing! And your poster looks fantastic. Love the fox in the Zorro mask! :D Aww, I'm sorry I didn't come earlier to vote. I definitely would have.


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