Monday, January 17, 2011

A stylish blogger award

I have just been given a "Stylish Blogger Award"  by Christie. Thank you!  It was quite wonderful to receive. 
I in turn have the duty to pass it along to 10 more bloggers......
Okay seven things about myself... not know if I could think of anything interesting...

 1. Always looking at ways to improve my art.
2. Always say to my kids " today is a new day".
3. Love to just have a moment to sit and sketch.
4. I love singing to old songs with my kids.
5. Always cold it seems and need to wear my favorite sweater! 
6. I love to read and look at illustrations of many children's books.
7. Lastly, my family and friends mean the world to me.

And now I shall pass this award on to the much deserving fellow artists. Please look at their blog
and I know you will think they are great as much as I do!  They are in no particular order they are all well deserving! 

If you decide to join in please pick up the Stylish Blog award on my blog. Then pass it on...

String Studio by Jane Massey
Angelato  by Angela Matteson
Fox in Socks by Paige Keiser
Just pencil on paper by Jane Grant Tentas
Gingerpixels by Ginger
Diana Evans illustration
N.B. Miller By Nancy Bea Miller
Nina Seven
Tamara Henderson
Yellow Kitty by Tracy Cundiff

For all of these wonderful illustrators who would like to participate and pass on the award that would be great. Let the illustrators know that you appreciate their work and think they are great.

You may pick up your Stylish Blogger award and drag it onto your computer and post it with pride!


Thanks so much for your comments they are very much appreciated!