Wednesday, October 6, 2010

IF Beneath

He took his little girl to see the fireflies beneath the moonlit sky on a summer night!

Well I have been out for more than a few weeks trying to get my shop up and running. Took alot more time than I thought. Oh and alot of research! But it has arrived! If you have a moment please check it out my artsy friends. :D


  1. Glad you're back! Hope you had a little time to enjoy the fireflies, too! :o)

  2. Thanks for your visit Ann!! Very lovely words!
    I love your work.. amazing detail!!
    Congratulations on your new shop looks fabulous .. so many gorgeous illustrations! I love the little dragon!
    Cheers Helen

  3. Great one Ann! Love the characters and colors!.... well I'm off to Etsyland!

  4. Hello Ann, Oh my goodness how sweet is this illustration. It's wonderful. Glad you are back. Thanks so much for that fabulous birthday wish! I will hold it in my heart for the rest of year he he he he! Your kind words really touched my heart and I am so humbled by them. You are such a beautiful soul. Thanks again and again. Congrats and Congrats and Congrats once again on the opening of you new shop. I know you are going to sell lots of magic and beauty!

  5. This is wonderful! It reminds me of my father.

  6. Thanks everyone! It means so much! :D

  7. Oh, what a delightful illustration, Ann! I feel the happiness of the girl and the pride in daddy as he helps her to reach far into the sky. His stance is perfect - very weighted and leaning forward..just right!

    Congratulations on your blog award!! And many thanks for your kind visit!


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