Tuesday, March 2, 2010

IF Perspective

I did a quick pen sketch this week. I actually had a dream of this image for this word. I guess it was because I was watching the Olympics. Which I love!
I used to ski when I was a kid. Going on the ski lifts I thought was cool! and at the end of the day the hot chocolate just completed the day..... :)
Now living in Florida you do not see snow.... some day I will teach my kids how. I think that would be quite fun. All bundled up with red cheeks and noses!


  1. cute little sketch.

    I would love to take the family skiing one day.

    Not sure where you are, but did you get to experience the snow of '89?

  2. Hi Tom- Thanks for the comment.
    No was not here to experience the snow of 89'- South Florida does not see it except for tv! :D


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