Thursday, August 4, 2016

Little Vikings for Illustration Friday

Hi all. Yes, you are not seeing things. :D  I know I have not posted in sooo long.  I just had to so that I could post this illustration for the word "Viking". I just did it for Illustration Friday.
I dedicate this illustration in the Memory of my brother. He was a BIG guy who loved to his Viking hat, and had a tremendous heart. He will always be in mine.
Have a great weekend all!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What! I am writing a picture book and it is taking over my brain!

Okay, so I have been consumed with writing a picture book and I have neglected my blog. Sorry folks. Days are just running into each other.  I am currently illustrating 2 books for authors and my brain is on overload. I found a new love for writing and I am really taking the time to learn all I can. It is amazing how much thought goes into one. And revising and revising! I am reading every book I can and I am just now in the last week of a 5 week Web Course. Phew! all in one breath! 

Children's Book Academy Craft and Business of Writing Children's Picture Books e-course! Please check it out the website. 

 Each day is jam packed with so much information and everyone is so wonderful and supportive. For an illustrator you get to see the other side for a change. 

This course was given by Mira Reisberg. She did have other wonderful people who helped out:  Sudipta Bardan-Quallen and Mandy Yates.

So to take a break and get back to my own self I did a small sketch. I will always fall back to illustrating.:) And hope that someday I will accomplish having my own book in hand to share with the world. One that I write and illustrate.

And, when this course ends I do hope that I will find others who would like to start a writing critique group. If anyone has a group that is open to a novice :) illustrator/writer and willing to deal with maybe some whining and her pulling her hair out. I would love to hear from you! ha ha

Have a great weekend all! I would love to catch up and hear from you. If you stop by leave me a comment and say hi! :)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Sneeze

A sneeze
Is a breeze

Hi all! I missed the entry deadline because I thought it was a different day. So I will be adding this to my portfolio :) Also life kinda stepped in the way and made me forget. Well chalk it up to lesson learned and moving on.  I worked really hard on this and tried out a new pallet. So I decided I am going to share it with everyone and place it everywhere I can and hope you like it and makes you smile. 

Best of luck to all my art friends who have entered the Tomie Prompt for 2013! 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

IF Secret

For the word "Secret". The secret that this fairy exists right under our noses. Helping her sweet bird friends. 
First for me on doing a fairy. Thought it tied into this word perfectly. I have to get back to posting and doing IF's again! 
Trying to work on simplifying my line and let the feeling of the illustration work for me instead of trying to be so controlled by the way it should look. If that makes sense. 
Have a great week everyone. Going to check out some other IF's this week see what others are up to.
If you have not seen a comment and think I should stop by say hi and I will check out your blog! :) 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

IF Hidden

Mother Goose Rides Again

Gliding so quietly in the air throughout the night and hidden from the clouds Mother Goose rides again. Children in this town all tucked in tight and settling in for the night.  She sprinkles a bit of magic and spreads stories of all kinds to children of the next generation.

Well, have a great weekend. Do not forget to either read to your child each night or have them read as a down time before bed. Reading is so important.

For the older kid in your life age 8 and up ( maybe a bit older than 8 ) I recommend these great fairytale inspired books.
I loved them. They are full of adventure and have a lot of recognizable characters that you grew up with. It is packed with fairies, Mother Goose, Little Red Riding hood, Cinderella, trolls just to name a few.
The author is Chris Colfer and he is from the show glee.
Wonderful imaginative and very vivid characters.
The illustration done above was inspired by these stories. I do not know the author at all but recommend this as a must read. I love both but my favorite has to be the second book " The Enchantress Returns".
If you read them let me know what you think! :)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

IF Rescue

This is my IF for this week. Rescue. :)

Rescue #1 Jack takes the Golden Hen

Hello all! I did not get a chance to post this last week so I am also adding to If for this week. The word was Power. I was not able to finish it so I will have 2!! this week. Yay!  I think the hen needed to be rescued anyway from that mean ole giant! :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013


This is for IF the word for this week is "Fresh". My favorite meal of the day is breakfast! Nothing is better than Fresh oranges! and here are some siblings showing orange mouth smiles :)
Experimenting with different color variations.
Hope ya like it enjoy your weekend all!

Friday, August 2, 2013

IF Jungle

This is for IF. Hidden Jungle Treehouse. Hope you like it. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

IF Robot

Okay almost did not make it. My internet connection was fighting with me today. Here is what I call
Nanny Bot. Couldn't we all use one around bedtime some nights for the really exhausted moms and dads out there.. :) Okay especially when the kids get to heavy to lift and put into bed. And not want them on the couch all night.

I never did a robot. I always wanted to but felt intimidated for some reason. Not sure. So I went into my memory bank and channeled the Jetsons. Love Love them. And so Retro it made me feel much better about taking on this challenge. It actually made me smile. I asked myself this question "Why don't you just try to make it look as friendly as possible?". I believe I did it.

I will have another comic up soon on Buttons and Stinky. So check back when you can.  I actually have 2 still waiting for color. I was just able to get this IF in because I have a small break my new freelance book job.

Hope you like it. And I will check out to see what you have done with the word. Have a great weekend everyone.

Monday, June 10, 2013

New Postcard Design- Are you ready for the Summer?

Flying along the Beach. Are you ready for the summer! This is a new postcard that I will be sending out.
 I have been out of commission for a few months due to pain,surgery, etc. Sorry I have missed on blogging and connecting with people and seeing what everyone is up to! Getting on the computer was a big chore and only once in a while I would be able to say "like"but not much else....  But, when I felt I could sit by this computer -little by little I was able to get a new website up (which I was building on for a year already! and with help from my husband ) and work on this postcard before I had this last surgery.

  My recovery has been slow going and I am always thinking I can do more than I can. :D Each day is better. I kept busy by sketching a comic that I wanted to do for my kids. Maybe I will post it so you can check it out. It was an idea I had for a book. I just had to keep sketching to pass the time keep from going stir crazy after the surgery.

I just added color to them.

So I introduce to you: Buttons and Stinky
written and illustrated by me;)

 But, I would like to say I am back and ready to show all I am still here and ready to start any new project that might come my way! :) and I look forward to seeing what everyone is up to or just if you stop by please say hi and let me know you visited. :D